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Full-time Report

How ONSIDE worked

Once potential participants were identified, their individual needs and expectations were evaluated.

Participants were issued with a Lenovo digital tablet in advance of their training.  These were pre-loaded by the NIHE Disability Health and Housing Officers with the necessary software to enable each to take part in the project on-line.  For some participants additional software and added low-cost hardware was also required to ensure that the equipment was accessible to them.

Tablets were delivered to every participant in keeping with strict Covid protocols. 

ONSIDE equipment set up and delivered to participants

Those who took part were assisted to create a tailored development plan that offered independence, choice and control.

This ran alongside a digital skills programme, delivered by Supporting Communities, that trained and supported each to become competent and confident in online activities. These varied from shopping to banking, booking a holiday, accessing popular sites and enabling participants to identify possible scams.

It also allowed participants to interact with like-minded people to enjoy and pursue hobbies and interests and form and maintain their own social support groups and networks.