Half-time - ONSIDE's midway report

ONSIDE has reached its half way point of delivery. We’ve created ‘Half-time’ a report which captures the project’s highlights and key moments over the last eighteen months

Having the backdrop of a global pandemic was not how we envisaged bringing together four partner organisations across two jurisdictions to deliver support and equipment to disabled people but ‘Half-time’ explains exactly how we did just that.

Covid-19 certainly impacted our project, it delayed equipment, it forced many of our participants indoors and it upended face to face training. As a team, we strategically redesigned the delivery and implementation of the project to move our services entirely online.  Since the summer of 2020 ONSIDE has supported over 1,073 participants via 969 training sessions. 

The pandemic proved the worth or the project in enabling our participants to become or remain connected to their family, friends and wider community network using the skills and support they gained from their ONSIDE experience. 

What does the report cover?

Half-time covers our progress to date, how we addressed and readjusted to a global pandemic, how we practically supported participants and their families during COVID-19, the events we have hosted, a breakdown of participants’ lived experience, participant testimony and how we want to move forward as a project.

Looking ahead … 

We are proud of our achievements and participant feedback to date but also mindful that we have unchartered territory ahead. We are facing a second winter living with Covid-19 and ongoing Public Health restrictions. In Half-time we note what we want to achieve as a team going forward and for the duration of the project.

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