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Drop-in Men and Women's Groups

Join our weekly Drop-In Groups

We are delighted to say that our men’s and women’s online Drop-in Groups will continue to run as part of the ONSIDE legacy.

Our informal weekly groups for disabled men and women have grown organically throughout the project. They are accessible, fun, safe places where you can spend an hour enjoying a bit of craic, conversation and crafts/hobbies – all in the comfort of your own home (via Zoom).

ONSIDE’s Drop-In groups were grown organically from digital training cohorts. Post training, our participants were seeking a safe space online to meet other disabled people. As you are aware, online groups specifically created for disabled people in Northern Ireland and R.o.I. border counties are rare and ONSIDE’s Drop-in groups were a step toward filling this void.  

These groups bring disabled people together in a safe and relaxed environment to chat about shared experiences, topical issues, hobbies and to have a bit of craic. There are occasional quizzes held and guest speakers invited along.  The Drop-In Groups are just that, drop-in, no invitation needed. The groups usually last one hour and people can come and go as it suits. 

Women’s Drop-in Group meets every Monday at 4:00 pm and the OMG (ONSIDE Men’s Group) meets every Wednesday at 11:00 am.

To join one of these groups, simply email info@onsideproject.org, or click here to contact us.

ONSIDE offered Peer Volunteer support to participants throughout their ONSIDE journey. Volunteers were able to use their skills to support others to get online. This was a great opportunity to meet new friends and work alongside all peers whilst creating positive change in the lives of disabled people.  


Our Drop-In Men & Women’s groups have gotten involved in lots of different events and activities online, some weeks we invited along guest speakers such as local author Tony MacAuley who wrote ‘Paperboy’ or representatives from organisations the group was interested in e.g. Ulster Museum WWII project and the Women’s Group partake in shared hobbies online, such as arts and crafts. Lynda Ross was one of our Women’s Group participants and she kindly shared her thoughts about ONSIDE in poetry – see video opposite.