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Peer Volunteers

Peer Volunteers played an invaluable role within the ONSIDE project by supporting participants in 1-2-1 settings to further develop their digital skills and understanding of how to create community connections online.

Our volunteers supported the digital training team by offering additional 1-2-1  ‘Peer learning’ sessions once a week. The aim of the peer learning sessions was to offer further training in an area the participant felt they needed additional support with. 

Peer Volunteers provided small group or one-to-one support to help people learn how to use their Lenovo Tablets, get online safely, and find new ways of connecting with their communities.  

Do you want to become a Peer Volunteer? 

Part of the legacy of ONSIDE’s volunteer aspect is that Disability Action is now in process of developing an organisation-wide volunteer programme.  If you are interested in volunteering with Disability Action, please complete the form on our Contact Us Page.